New Creators this past Week!

2 min readOct 2, 2021

As time goes on, the TreatDAO platform continues to grow! With every passing week there are always new creators signing up and becoming content creators on the platform! At the rate we are growing at, it may not even be possible to keep track of all of the new ones. We are hoping this may change that!

We will be releasing an update periodically of all the most recent additions to our wonderful and ever-growing platform!

The first on our list of creators who have joined our platform this week is AndieAnderson! Andie currently has 9 NFTs for sale on the platform. Her twitter is!

Ivy_Trips also joined the TreatDAO platform this week! Ivy has 4 NFTs up for sale at the time of writing this, go check them out! Her instagram is!

Diamond Dee is the first creator on this list to be mentioned that also has her subscriptions set up! You can buy a 30 day access to her subscription NFTs for 1BNB, there are 5 NFTs behind the subscription wall right now. Diamond Dee has 10 NFTs in the Sweet Shop! Her Facebook profile is!

Our Ashtoshii joined the platform as a creator! She currently has the record for most revenue by one creator and most expensive NFT sold at 25BNB for 1 NFT! Check her out on twitter at!

We have a new photographer on the platform, DaveCPhotography! Dave has 21 NFTs in the Sweet Shop right now! His preferred social media platform is twitter;!

While TheRealSatania is not necessarily new to the platform, she is a past Treat of the Week who is now taking advantage of the open platform and selling her content as NFTs! She has 5 new NFTs up for sale in the Sweet Shop, show one of our past Treats of the Week some love! Her twitter is!

MaddieSprings is another amazing Treat of the Week that we have had on our platform before! She, just like TheRealSatania, is also back in full force and using TreatDAO to turn her art into NFTs to be sold! She has a set of 6 NFTs that are all part of the same collection! The first one is free, go snag one before they run out! Maddie’s twitter profile is!

These are the creators who have joined the platform in the past week and created NFTs to put up for sale. We are going to continue to grow in size! Make sure to check in periodically so that you don’t miss out on all the future updates!