The Beginning of TreatDAO

One late Thursday night, CT influencer Ashtoshii received a message on twitter from a random simp to give him her Cashapp. The simp tells her “You look good so I’m gonna treat you” and sends her 1$. While laughing about it within the Smoltidel, Jebus911 and Ashtoshii decided this would be the perfect moment to create a token on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

Treat was distributed as an airdrop to anyone that filled out any of the forms that were released before the launch of the token. These forms were released among multiple Telegram groups such as Coinmarkets, Smoltidel, Tsuki Citadel and they were posted on twitter for anyone who happened to be looking at the time.

TreatDAO was then created, a project where the community can get together and work on building something that they wanted to build and grow. All decisions were made by the community, every voice, every idea and every unsatisfied mind was taken into consideration to have the best output possible and a project that everyone involved can be proud of.

Treat was distributed early in the morning of March 5th, 2021 with an extremely fair distributed airdrop. Anyone who filled out the form in the public telegram chat @TreatDao was allowed to an airdrop of 734 tokens. Treat has a total of 1,000,000 supply with 6% of the supply allocated to a dev fund. This being said, approximately 1250 people received the airdrop of 734 tokens. Knowing that the BSC is full of projects who rug, we wanted our investors to feel secure thus making it impossible for Treat to be rugged by adding no liquidity whatsoever. All liquidity in Treat is from the community!

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The term OnlyFans on blockchain has been thrown around a lot in the channels. While we are building something that can be similar to it or potentially even branch out to it in the future, it is not what it is as a V1. The base platform will be a place where models, influencers and more will be able to provide their exclusive lewd/nude content to be turned into NFTs that will be sold on the platform.

TREAT is the governance token of the platform. Voting rights are given to those who hold treat to help decide how the project should be handled going further. Along with this, there will be a staking platform for Treat and LP incentives coming in the future.

While there is a base concept for where the Dao wants to take Treat, there are still features and elements that can be changed and worked on so come help us with your ideas! We are open to all new suggestions as this is a community project where we can get together and build something!


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