The Sweet Shop!

3 min readAug 28, 2021

The time has finally come! After months of building, we are ecstatic to release our open platform for everyone to come take part in! Our platform consists of two main parts; The Sweet Shop and the Resale Marketplace.

The Sweet Shop is a platform where creators can post their NSFW content as NFTs. To become a creator at TreatDAO, all one has to do is click the “Apply” button at the top of the page on the website. It will ask you to fill in some info for your profile and ask that you complete the KYC process with our chosen third party system, Passbase. Passbase is a quick and easy KYC system, but it is important that you complete it to your utmost ability so you may pass our score threshold. The clearer the photos of your materials, the easier it is for Passbase to verify you! **Just a tip, for those who are using their driver’s license, use pictures of both sides!**

As a creator on TreatDAO, you have more control than ever over your content! The creator has the choice of creating the pricing for their NFTs, the supply that they want to have for their NFTs, and if they would like their content to have a blur or not. The blur will ensure that only someone who has purchased your content will have the ability to view it. We’ve had great success using this for our Treat of the Week curated models!

Whenever a creator sells an NFT using TreatDAO, they receive 92.5% of the total sale to the BSC address provided to us. If the creator holds 734 or more $TREAT tokens, they receive an additional 5%, bringing their take to 97.5% of the total sale. This process happens without any frustrating holding periods and you have immediate access to your funds!

Once an NFT is purchased on The Sweet Shop or from our Treat of the Week promotions, collectors are able to list their NFTs for sale using our Resale Marketplace. If you’ve purchased the NFT, you’ll have the ability to decide when you’d like to place it for sale. Upon the completion of a sale using our Resale Marketplace, the seller will receive 97.5% of the sales total, with 2% sent to the original creator as a royalty, and the final 0.5% being sent to the TreatDAO treasury wallet. This will allow for us to pay for services such as our KYC process, web hosting, and continued development of our platform.

One of our most exciting functionalities coming soon is the referral system. This system will allow creators to place the BSC address of the individual who referred them to TreatDAO. The referrer will make 20% of the treasury’s share sent directly to their wallet. If the referrer holds 734 or more $TREAT tokens, their share will be increased to 40% of the treasury’s take on the sale. We believe this will greatly incentivize recruitment to our platform and help us continue our rapid growth in the Adult/NSFW NFT space.

We understand that there are some functions that need to be added to the platform to increase creator and user experience. Our team is working everyday on making the entire process as simple as possible for both the creator and the collector! There are many updates, big and small, coming in the future as we continue to fully realize the complete functionality of the TreatDAO platform. Join our Telegram community to keep up-to-date with everything TreatDAO related. We also have “The Melon Room” exclusively for those who hold at least 734 $TREAT tokens.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and $TREAT yourself!