Treat DAO — Community Update.

10 min readSep 11, 2023

We have cool news to share about our project’s progress! Your ongoing support has been incredible, so thank you for that. We’re eager to bring you up to speed on our latest achievements and next steps.


Our mission at Treat DAO is to serve as a welcoming community and safe space for adult content creators to publish their work and earn income. We aim to provide a comprehensive set of tools and information, empowering individuals to enter the realms of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the arts. We strive to build a sustainable infrastructure that supports and funds endeavors aligned with these goals.

Image may not do true justice to the handsome likenesses and sex appeal of the current council members. 😳

First of all, meet the new council.

We are very pleased to announce the new Council, voted in to serve from July 1st, 2023 to represent and govern the DAO. Treat DAO is run by a council of merry men and women with a wealth of experience in the Web3, NFT, and adult content creation space. The council board is elected every six months by the Treat community.

The council members are:
Sae Phantom
— Council Chair and Project Manager.
Mofdi LEG — Community Outreach.
PolyAnnie — Head of Creator Relations.
Dan Evans — Head of Gaming Branch.
Rob Sloane — Editor-in-chief/Communications Head.

Bragging Rights

We have a lot to be rightly proud of. We’ve come a long way, and thanks to the support and resilience of our community, we’ve stayed the course through several market shocks, bear markets, and a Crypto Winter. 🪙

The Crypto Coin: $Treat.

$Treat token — We have successfully built a thriving decentralized and democratic Web3 community around a fantastic brand name, and rapidly become one of the leaders in the adult Crypto space. We are proud to see the diversity and beauty of the NFTs that the creator community has minted and listed using the $BNB token!

The $Treat V2 adoption — executing on the wishes of the DAO community, we successfully migrated and relaunched the token. This allows us additional treasury robustness, as well as improved tokenomics. This has allowed the project room to add resources and grow and prepare for robust long-term development.

Crypto exchanges — the $Treat token is a BEP-2 BNB Cryptocurrency that is already available for investors to buy, sell, and trade across major exchanges. Already listed on PancakeSwap, 1-inch, SokuSwap, and PCS, we are working to add $Treat to a growing number of exchanges.

Market Cap exceeding $25,000,000 — From an initial airdrop, the $Treat token has grown to a market cap, that at times, has had a volume in the tens of millions. This has been partly due to the restrictions that OnlyFans threatened to bring in against their content creators (now rolled back) and thanks to the attractiveness of the brand and our dynamic community.

The Treat NFT Marketplace

Visit us on: 💖

We’ve been hard at work on the main Treat website, upgrading and enhancing the original web platform to add in new UI features, streamline the NFT minting and listing process, and remove bugs while enhancing the overall performance. Our lead developer, Tatenda Christopher has been hard at work for months and the Summer 2023 release is the best version we’ve ever deployed. Go check it out!

Key updates include:

1. Image Editor & Filters — These tools right in the platform make it easier for creators to enhance their images and add some flare!

2. NFT Bridge — Users can now easily bridge NFTs to Ethereum and Polygon.

3. Multiple Viewing Modes (Dark, Light, and OG Pink).

4. Customizable User Profiles with Badges noting accomplishments.

5. Improved Social Media Previews for link sharing.

In general, there have been significant processes, platform stability, and speed improvements.

The Treat Council approved the most recent website release from Tatenda and authorized and delivered the last major payment for the work. Future payments will be assessed and authorized by the next council with permission from the DAO as a whole.

The Treat Magazine

Complete magazine collection:

The Treat Magazine has generated a lot of buzz over the last year, with special editions, featuring celebrity TOTMs like Stormy Daniels and Britanny Andrews, and our most professional image set raising the bar with the lovely Eliza Rose.

The highlights have been:

- Professional Quality NSFW Photography Sets and NFTs.
- Exclusive Video Interviews with Influencers and Celebrity Creators.
- Exclusive Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Influencers and Celebrity Creators.
- Exclusive High-Quality Art Direction Throughout the Magazine.
- Easy on the Eyes Treat Brand Layout and Design.
- Exclusive Original Editorials and Op-Eds Covering the Hot Button Topics that Matter to the Community.

Our magazine evolved out of the “Treat of the Week”, and “Treat of the Month” initiatives and was conceived as the “Playboy” of Web3 publications. If you haven’t read one yet, check them out now, what are you waiting for?

Physical editions — The Treat Magazine is unique for any NSFW NFT platform in being available to print on demand from the Treat platform. Printed copies have also appeared at conventions and events, and have been celebrated by the Web3 industry for their thought leadership and high production quality.

Treat Gaming

This is where the fun is at. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Treat Gaming is a Costa Rican-based online sportsbook and casino, operating under the Treat brand in partnership with Treat DAO since its launch in early 2023. Take a tour:

Treat DAO benefits from profit sharing, shared staff compensation, and support for the $Treat token through its use as a reserve currency by Treat Gaming. Click the link to the Treat Gaming Reserve Wallet

We anticipate that some players will choose to HODL $Treat, as well as engage with the other Treat services, such as collecting NFTs or staking $treat in the melon farms. This can all support the DAO’s objectives and help to grow profits while adding value to the $treat token.

The Treat Treasury Report

A lot has been accomplished since Treat began with an airdropped token and a committed community! The restructure to $Treat v2 which set aside 25,000,000 $Treat for the DAO treasury for development and other work was a great move that facilitated staff pay, covered many platform-related expenses (hosting, KYC), paid for marketing efforts including conventions and advertising, and much more. The team and councils have tried to be transparent about the expenses with the community and we always welcome questions. Ultimately the expenditures are on-chain, so there is some permanent transparency there as well.

Treat DAO collects revenue from a variety of sources including a 1% tokenomics tax on transfers, revenue from NFT sales, ad revenues, and revenue from NFT bridging. These revenues have varied greatly from significant during bull markets for NFTs and crypto as a whole, to almost zero when activity is very low. We have had to rely more and more on the $Treat reserves over time to pay staff and other expenses.

Recently the community voted to sweep tokens previously locked for v1 conversions into the Treasury. This decision effectively more than doubled the Treasury reserves in $Treat. Currently, there is a bit over 16,000,000 $Treat in the treasury. Not too far off the 25,000,000 set aside when v2 $Treat was launched, but with a lot to show for what has been spent!

The spending strength of Treat DAO is heavily tied to the price and liquidity of $Treat itself. From time to time the council has overseen conversions of Treasury $Treat to stablecoins to pay staff. Paying staff in stables removes market selling pressure from spending. When this option is not available, payments must be made directly with $Treat. The DAO can only spend what it has and the community should consider the available resources and relevant conversion rates when submitting or evaluating proposals for continued or future projects.

Proposals for the Treat Roadmap

The future of the DAO is to become more decentralized with the community having a bigger say in how the brand and the ecosystem are developed and funded. As part of this greater involvement with the community, we are proposing to have a less centralized core team and instead focus on teams working on a project-by-project basis. These teams will submit a proposal for a project with a defined plan for a budget, schedule, goals, deliverables, and income stream.

Listed below are bullet points for proposals in development for the council to consider before moving things to a DAO vote:

  • $Treat Token Bridges and Exchanges: New bridging between the token and other chains.
  • Strategic Partnerships: New partnerships with like-minded projects and communities.
  • Treat Magazine: New editions of the Treat magazine with adult community content.
  • Planet Treat: New comic-focused magazine with an emphasis on the entertainment industry.
  • Treat Merchandise: New Treat Store offers printed magazines, t-shirts, and stickers.
  • NFT SweetShop Upgrades: using the $Treat Token as currency on site.
  • Influencer/Affiliate Marketplace: powered by Treat Gaming!
  • Rework of the Melon Farms: Farms were launched for investors to stake $Treat or $Treat/BNB LP and receive Melons. The Melons unlock rewards, including exclusive NFTs, and help protect the token’s liquidity. We’re looking to have new utilities for the token, staking, and trading options.
  • Treat Advertising Team: New Treat team dedicated to marketing, public relations, sales, and outreach.
  • AI Toolkit Services: New creator and community toolkit offering various AI-powered services.
  • Creator Focus/Groups Marketplace: New creator community features to help form teams for projects.

Have your say! We are looking forward to our decentralized community discussing these proposals, reviewing them, and then voting on them. We are excited to build the future of the Treat brand together with our strong organization of experienced teams, talented creators, loyal investors, and our awesome community!

Ways in which you can support Treat DAO

Believe in Treat? Want to help the DAO? Great! We want you too! Step up, there are plenty of ways you can get involved and support the DAO:

I. $Treat Value

Want to help raise the value of the $Treat token? In the most basic way the higher the value, the more liquidity and power we have in the treasury to get things done. It is simple to buy $Treat tokens from an exchange like Pancakeswap and hold the tokens in your wallet. First time with Cryptocurrency? We can help guide you through the process.

II. Create LP (Liquidity Provider).

Offer to convert treasury tokens on DEXs for LPs. Earmarks (investments with instructions on how the funds should be spent) are welcome.

III. Submit Proposals.

Have a really great idea? Ready to project manage that into a defined plan, with a budget, goals, and potential value to the DAO? Then fill out the appropriate application, form your team, and submit your idea to the council. If approved it will be voted on by the DAO for funding and production!

IV. Engage in Decision Making.

The DAO is an active and dynamic decentralized community of peers. Your voice matters, and your ideas count. So be active in the Telegram channels, and feel free to ask questions, share concerns, and raise points. We love to hear your thoughts. Positive engagement really helps to drive projects forward and get things done.

Share and pin links relevant to Treat content and current project news and posts across your social media. Take part in our regular Twitter AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) chats with content creators and Treat council and team members. Like, subscribe, and comment on the Treat News and Treat interview videos.

The more active and engaged you become, the better. You can help to criticize and vet proposals before voting on them. You can vote in every round to appoint council members. You can join a team on a project you’d feel is a great fit for your skills and experience. You can volunteer to serve on the council and help steer projects through development and delivery. We value your involvement.

V. Become a collector.

The Treat platform has been recently updated and improved. Now is the best time to become a valued collector and buy, sell, trade, and enjoy the wonderful collectibles created by our very talented creators. Our local market is vibrant and dynamic with hundreds of unique creators constantly adding new content to collect and enjoy.

Read the TOTM Magazine as a digital publication for free and enjoy all the exclusive pictorials, interviews, trending Web3, Crypto, and NFT news, insightful editorials, and stellar NFT artwork!

VI. Work for Treat as a Gaming Affiliate

Why not work for Treat and earn commissions by joining our affiliate program and helping Treat Gaming find new players? By helping Treat Gaming you’ll be supporting the Treat DAO, increasing the value of the $Treat coin, while also earning a healthy commission.

Treat Social Media Links

Join the community and message us! If you have an interest in submitting content for our magazine or being considered as a featured creator, please let us know. Come join in our big conversation with our social media links below. We always have a lot to talk about and even more to show you.

You’ll find us on the social media platform of your preference by clicking the links below:

Telegram General Chat:





Medium / Blog:

Stay tuned for the highlights, and feel free to share your thoughts with us. Together, we’re making a difference!

With love, The Treat Team.