Treat Gaming — Community Update.

From time to time, it is appropriate for Treat Gaming to update on its activities, especially as they relate to TreatDAO.

6 min readJul 13, 2023

Treat Gaming is thrilled with its relationship with Treat DAO as a brand and marketing partner. From time to time, it is appropriate for Treat Gaming to update on its activities, especially as they relate to Treat DAO.

For those unfamiliar, Treat Gaming is an online sportsbook and casino which launched near the beginning of this year, under the Treat brand, in partnership with Treat DAO. The platform is based in Costa Rica and has a wide variety of options for both sports betters and casino enthusiasts.

Offerings for sports include: live in game betting, parlays, teasers, and straight bets for a huge variety of international sporting events, horse races, and even e-sports.

Casino offerings include: live dealers available 24/7, hundreds of slots, lottery, keno, zip tags, digital table games, and the option to bet on price movements in Bitcoin. Take a tour of Treat Gaming here.

Treat Gaming offers 24/7 phone support to place wagers or get technical assistance. We work hard to take care of our players with a variety of bonus options. Check out our current promotions here.

We welcome you to learn more and follow Treat Gaming on all these outlets:

Main Website:

Profit Share

Treat Gaming provides Treat DAO a 50/50 share in long term profits from customers under Treat DAO. Treat Gaming assumes all liabilities for operations and for player wins. Treat DAO’s participation is only in the upside profitability.

Some creators and community members are Treat Gaming affiliates under the Treat DAO partnership. Deposits from players they recruit result in income to the affiliate. Please support your favorites by signing up for an account using their link and by sharing their link with others.

Treat DAO Partner — to date:

  • 10 Affiliates
  • 43 Players
  • Player Wins: $17,870
  • Player Losses: $16,250
  • Net: $1,620 Player Wins (net unprofitable, but losses are absorbed by Treat Gaming)

Treat DAO is our only affiliate with a net winning player base. We guess it’s a pretty sharp community! For comparison,

Treat Gaming Overall — to date:

  • 522 Players
  • Player Wins: $1,350,713
  • Player Losses: $1,450,075
  • Net: $99,362 Player Losses
  • 2 Affiliates with over $10,000 in earnings
  • 14 Affiliates have generated income from Treat Gaming.

Other Benefits to Treat DAO

Profit share is not the only benefit to Treat DAO in the partnership with Treat Gaming. Here are a few other examples of how Treat Gaming supports Treat DAO:

$Treat Deposits

Treat Gaming accepts $Treat for deposits and provides players with what is often our strongest bonus for using $Treat to make their deposit. We accept $Treat and provide an above market conversion price to players, with a playthrough requirement before withdrawal. This encourages players to buy $Treat at market to make their deposits on Treat Gaming to place wagers. Our hope is that some will also choose to HODL $Treat as well to support Treat DAO and its objectives and/or to profit in time from price increase.

The details for $Treat deposit bonuses are found here:

$Treat as the Treat Gaming Reserve Currency

Treat Gaming has made and will continue to make direct purchases of $Treat from the open market using a portion of profits. Treat Gaming intends to use the $Treat token as a long-term reserve currency. Our near-term goal (first objective) is to acquire and maintain a balance of one million USD worth of $Treat in the gaming reserve wallet. This will provide confidence to our customer base that winners can and will be paid and it is an expression of our commitment to the Treat DAO. After reaching the $1M threshold the plan is to become more involved in providing liquidity for $Treat, hopefully on multiple chains and multiple trading pairs. The treat gaming reserve wallet can be seen here:

Staff Support

Some stables were provided to the Treat DAO treasury in exchange for $Treat which was earmarked for specific staff who create marketing materials for Treat Gaming. Specifically, ½ pay for Sae and Shaka for 10 weeks. This is a way to help provide spendable pay for the Treat staff with less $Treat hitting the open market.

Cross Promotion

Treat Gaming also tries to promote the content from Treat DAO and its community of creators. We have incorporated the Treat News segment by PolyAnnie into our livestream ( The Affiliate pages include promotional information and links to creator content. We share about Treat DAO and the $Treat token on our website and in various other ways (conversations, texts, emails) with our customer base. Our relationship with Treat DAO is a differentiator for this sportsbook/casino and we brag about it every chance we get!

News and Notes

In Case You Missed It…

The story of player VINCENT777 is worth a read. We are excited that his story will be featured in the summer edition of the Treat DAO magazine. You can also read it on Medium. $400 to $16k in one week! And he decided to hold some of the profits in $Treat!!

Don’t snooze or you will miss our monthly and special event promotions and contests. We had a Guess the Score contest for the NCAAF National Championship game as well as the Super Bowl. We had a blast with our March Madness Sweet 16 Bracket contest. And we were giving away free $10 Parlays in May. Many of these contests and promotions are free to participate. We also appreciate efforts to share the opportunities with others.

Keep up with the latest promotions by checking here regularly:

What we’re working on…

As a fairly new operation, there is always a lot to do! Regulatory compliance efforts are ongoing which will open new marketing opportunities up for us. We recently improved our age gating and added a privacy policy relating to texting customers. Treat Gaming proudly encourages responsible gaming with opt-out and limit restricting tools available to players.

We are excited about rolling out a program to Accept NFTs for deposits. The decision has been made to pursue this and we already rolled out an early version here:

Treat Gaming would really like to see Treat DAO develop token bridges for the $Treat token to make it more accessible to customers unfamiliar with or uncomfortable using the Binance Chain. We are willing to help with this effort.

Treat Gaming is glad to be a part of the Treat DAO community and have this continued partnership. We welcome questions and feedback from everyone and we’re thoroughly convinced that for both Treat Gaming and Treat DAO the best is still ahead!

Thank you for taking time to read this and for your interest in Treat Gaming.