Treat v2 Token

3 min readOct 14, 2021

On October 11th, TreatDAO officially launched its v2 token. TreatDAO had humble beginnings that did not include much future planning after the airdrop. The original tokenomics were not designed with long term viability for the project in its current state. After deliberating with the team and the community, a new tokenomics structure was developed by the team and community and put to a Dao vote.

The proposal was to increase the initial 1,000,000 supply up to 125,000,000 total supply. Expanding the supply of $Treat will allow us to expand the treasury to facilitate various avenues for the growth of the project. These include but are not limited to strategic partnerships, OTC sales, combating long term unit bias, expansion of the project’s development team, along with a small tax on market activity to reinforce our liquidity and fund a renewed marketing effort. The tax on the token is 2%, 1% going to the liquidity pool and the other 1% going to the development and marketing fund.

The $Treat v2 distribution is split in to three parts.

There is a new total supply of 125,000,000

  • 100,000,000 tokens are reserved for current $Treat v1 holders. 1 $Treat v1 can be swapped for 100 $Treat v2.
  • 20,000,000 tokens are added to the development and marketing fund.
  • 5,000,000 tokens to be sold to OTC buyers with a one year vesting period.

The process to swap your $Treat v1 to $Treat v2 tokens is super simple!

  • The first step is to go onto our website Once you are on the website, connect your wallet to the website while on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC).
  • Once you are connected with your wallet that has the $Treat v1 tokens, there will be a banner at the top of your webpage.
  • You will have to click the approve button on this banner, but don’t leave yet!
  • After approving, the button at the top of the page will change to “Swap”. Click it and approve the transaction.
  • If you got to this point, you’re all set and done! You should have 100x your $Treat v1 tokens in the new $Treat v2 tokens!
  • The wallet may not recognize the token. To resolve it, click on “Import Tokens” and copy & paste the Treat v2 contract address there.

Swapping from v1 to v2 does not trigger the tax function on the token, so do not worry you are not losing anything from swapping to our new token.

To make all your lives easier, we’ll stick some commonly used links below.

Contract Address : 0x01bd7acb6ff3b6dd5aefa05cf085f2104f3fc53f

Pancakeswap :

Poocoin :

1inch :

At the time of writing this, nearly 48% of all v1 tokens have been burned and swapped for v2 tokens!