TreatDAO Build Report

Major Announcement — $Treat on its first CEX!

Building Liquidity

Building Partnerships

This is an actual image taken from Cherie’s Gala!

We have a monthly event with content from the new TOTM’s in the middle of each month. Usually there are some announcements and some content is revealed in the gallery which isn’t available for viewing elsewhere. The live event is a ton of fun too. Interactions by voice and utilizing the tools for sharing and moving images as well as drawing in the environment have created some memorable moments!

This is just the beginning of things with RDLAND. Their developers have already started creating a Treat DAO world which will have additional Treat branding and space for our creators in their version of the Metaverse. And RDLAND has invited the Treat community to join them at Burning Man!

Are you interested in going? Check out this link:

An even newer partnership is developing with Ape In Poker ( For now, our community is simply invited to participate in their Free Roll tournaments and TreatDAO is being recognized and promoted as a sponsor. Soon we will have our own Treat branded tournament starting on a monthly basis.

It’s very early, but we are super excited about what is in the works here

The Ape In Poker development team is working to help build a full TreatDAO Casino! Our creators and community members will be able to refer friends and fans and generate some referral income while providing a trustworthy and fair (and sexy) gaming solution to those with interest.

Building Structure

We signed paperwork and paid our fees to start the process of legal formation for Treat DAO. Once the process is complete, we will form up subordinate LLC’s for the various businesses TreatDAO directs, for example the NFT Marketplace and the Treat DAO Magazine. This layering of legal entities will create greater clarity for business transactions and relationships, but will also give the collective a lot more flexibility in structuring future deals. And it offers significant liability protection to the council, staff, and even investors.

Learn more here:

Building Features

  • One on One Messaging — Complimenting livestreaming and tipping which have recently been released, messaging will allow more direct communication between creators and the community.
  • NFT Bridge — Final testing is being done for multi-edition NFTs before incorporation of this tool into the platform. Initially users will be able to transfer Treat NFTs between the BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon. Avalanche will be added next, as directed by over 80% of the community in the recent DAO vote.
  • Credit Cards — We have a potential solution we hope to make available for creators to sell some of their NFT and other content by credit card through NFTPay. More testing and dev work is needed, but the solution looks promising.
  • Merch Store Revamp — Design work is ongoing for some fresh merch store options!

One last thing before we go…

Actual look and feel of Treat’s Website. ❤

The community is invited to participate in this process by providing feedback to our developers and team members about anything you would like to see added or improved.

Building Community

They look Beautiful all together, don’t they? ❤

We hope to enjoy fellowship around the poker and gaming tables as well.

We are very grateful for our staff and the consistent efforts they make to communicate through and grow our social media accounts. ❤

And we are thrilled to work with so many incredibly NSFW content creators. The Treat creators really are the best! Please continue to be engaged and help us make TreatDAO the best it can be!!



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