TreatDAO is excited to introduce Treat Gaming!

4 min readJan 11, 2023
Treat DAO is excited to introduce Treat Gaming!

Treat Gaming is an online Sportsbook & Casino released under the Treat brand, with TreatDAO as a primary affiliate and promoter. Treat Gaming is based in Costa Rica and offers a wide variety of fun games which are customized based on location of the customer.

Sports betters, including many places in the United States, can enjoy all the typical bets on sporting events such as who will win and will the point total be over or under the line set by the handicappers. There is also live betting during sporting events happening real time all over the world so that customers can adjust their exposure as they watch the game unfold. Parlays, including same game parlays are available, such that odds can be achieved over 1,000 to 1! And the myriad of propositional bet opportunities both fun and fascinating.

Some of the Casino RNG Options

Casino players (Sorry U.S. Customers, not for you.) have all the usual table games to choose from as well as a few not so commonly found. There is video poker and dozens of unique slot machines to choose from. Zip tabs are available too, where you peel to win. And for those who prefer to see the physical cards turned over by a human, Treat Gaming offers live dealers as well!

A variety of live dealers are available 24/7 dealing blackjack and spinning the roulette wheels!

Introductory Offers

Treat Gaming is offering special promotions to members of the Treat Community. Reach out to a team member if you would like to take advantage and get started.

Deposits in $TREAT tokens.

Utilizing the Treat Token will create an additional advantage for you.
The Gaming Platform is crediting $TREAT deposits at an above market rate. $TREAT deposits will be credited at $0.01. Feel free to buy low and get some extra credit on the best gaming platform.

Free second chance up to $1,000.

With the free second chance promotion, you will get two bites at the apple (if necessary) with your first bet. Hopefully you win straight away, but if you do not, you will get free play in the amount of the first bet which you lost. The bet can be any size you choose and on any sporting event, up to $1,000.

$100 Cash Bonus for new customers.

The $100 Deposit Bonus promotion provides an extra $100 in Free Play with a deposit of $50 or more. Free Play can only be used for sports betting. If you are non-US and expect to primarily play the casino options, let us know and we can do a $100 match of a $100 deposit instead and these funds can be wagered anywhere on the platform.

Getting Started

The only way to access the Treat Gaming platform for real money play is through an affiliate. TreatDAO is the primary affiliate and staff members can assist you in getting set up. We would love to see members of the community take advantage of some of these limited time promotional opportunities. Utilizing $Treat will create an additional advantage for you while the Gaming Platform is crediting $Treat deposits at an above market rate ($0.01/$Treat).

Treat Gaming accepts a variety of crypto currencies as well as fiat through the cashier within the platform.

In addition to player deposits which are credited in USD values and maintained 1 to 1, reserves to pay out winners will be maintained in cold wallets which can be followed to give some indication of activity and profitability of the gaming company.

Reserve wallet for Treat Gaming:

BNB Chain: 0x01bd7acb6fF3B6Dd5aefA05CF085F2104f3fC53F

Affiliate Opportunities

Reach out to Devan at: if you have interest in learning more about the opportunity to promote Treat Gaming to your network.
We can all win together!

Affiliate Opportunities