TreatDAO Platform Launch!

4 min readMar 22, 2021


A platform for exclusive SFW/NSFW NFTs

Since token distribution, we have been working extremely hard day and night and we are now excited to tell everyone that our platform is complete! Our developers worked in a sprint to make sure the product was live as soon as possible to show a proof of concept to the community. This will allow us to work closely with users and content producers to focus on building additional features that will benefit the community and platform as a whole. As this is a DAO, $TREAT holders will be guiding all future decisions that will be made concerning the platform.

TreatDAO will now begin hosting Treat of the Week! Every week we will bring on a model or influencer. They will provide their exclusive lewd or nude content to us to then turn into an NFT and sell it on our platform for a limited time.

How It Works

When a model provides their content to us, we want to ensure as much safety as we can for them. This being said, when someone goes onto the website to purchase any of the NFTs currently on sale, they will all be blurred. Not to worry, there will always be a description explaining what the NFT is so it is not too much of a surprise! To unblur the NFT, one must purchase it then go to the “My NFTs” tab and reveal contents!

Costs and Minting

For our launch on March 23rd, we will be releasing four exclusive NFTs of our surprise model! You will only be able to purchase these NFTs this week and this week only! The NFTs in week 1 will have an unlimited supply, but after week 1 is over, they will never be available again. Due to this, they are relatively cheap. All NFTs purchased on the TreatDAO platform will be in $BNB. In the future, we plan on having both time-limited NFTs and supply-limited NFTs.

Why would a Model want to use TreatDAO’s Platform?

We are allowing content creators to make extra money with less effort than they would on other platforms. It takes a lot of time and effort to upkeep a profile on a place such as OnlyFans, we are simply making it easier without leeching off most of their profits!

When using Treat DAO, you can forget about “pending funds” withdrawal delays, and enjoy uncapped earning potential. Models also get to express their voices and opinions when it comes to making decisions on platform changes such as new features, rules, and partnerships.

But that’s not it!

Upon the sale of an NFT during this initial phase, the model will receive 75% of the sale value. This is subject to change and our initial revenue share figures are used as a proof of concept. We hope to collaborate with our models and the community via the DAO to ensure the finalized figures are agreeable to both parties. We aim to further development of the platform through the percentage received in the community wallet, to the benefit of our models and community members alike

We have a very transparent structure, you can find the current balance of our Development Fund here: 0x692f081e5ff045f4a2fd3fff4dbd5e52fcb8924f

Development Fund is used in multiple ways:

  1. It’s used to fund all future developments — we need to pay developers, marketing, and legal costs associated with operating the platform
  2. In the future it can be used to buy back $TREAT and burn
  3. In the future it can be used to distribute funds to $TREAT holders

As you can see, there are strong incentive for models to hold $TREAT: not only will they get exposure to a great asset, they can participate in making decisions when it comes to platform development, as well as enjoying a share of the accumulated profits.

Unlike other platforms, models can know (and participate in deciding) what their profit share is being spent on, as well as support the up and coming models who also held treat and are part of the community.

Intrigued? Come join us in building the first SFW/NSFW content distribution and monetization platform. Created by the community, for the community!

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