TreatDAO’s 2021 Highlights + Roadmap

TreatDAO Origins

The DM that launched a thousand ships

March 5th — $TREAT Token Launches

March 23rd — Platform Launch with First “Treat of the Week (TOTW)”

Not a bad week’s work for Alena!
The models in question 🤩

April 12th — Transfer NFTs

August 4th — Resale Marketplace Launches

August 24th — Sweet Shop Opens

Only the essentials 😉

September 7th — Litepaper Release

October 1st — Treat Announces Subscriptions

Getting closer than ever with your favorite content creators 🥰

October 11th — $TREAT v2 a.k.a. $Treat

November 1st to 4th — NFT.NYC

November 25th — Farms


Winter 2021/2022 — What’s Happening Now

Current Platform Development

Staff Improvements

We’re still growing, feel free to reach out 🤓

Marketing Team Developments

Treat of the Month (TOTM)

2022 and Beyond

DAO Communication and Governance

Legal Formation

Platform Development Priorities

Some of the functionality that’s already in the works 🧑‍🔧
  • User Profiles
  • Chat
  • Video
  • Tipping in $Treat
  • Sales Reporting
  • Creator Search
  • Additional Subscription Features
  • Use of other currencies/assets
  • Mobile Platform Optimization

Acquisitions and Strategic Partnerships

All of these projects are being considered 🧐

Major Platform Additions

Oh, the possibilities 🥵

Thank You for Reading




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