TreatDAO’s 2021 Highlights + Roadmap

Happy belated New Year to our amazing content creators, DAO members, and anyone who is reading this for the first time. Here, we’ll be recapping the past year’s highlights and providing a glimpse into the future of TreatDAO. We’ve got a lot of exciting things in store for our community, so read along to get up to speed with our progress and plans for the future! Before we get to the exciting updates, here’s a recap of how we got here:

TreatDAO Origins

The DM that launched a thousand ships

While laughing about it, Jebus911 and Ashtoshii decided this would be the perfect moment to create a token on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

March 5th — $TREAT Token Launches

March 23rd — Platform Launch with First “Treat of the Week (TOTW)”

Not a bad week’s work for Alena!

Periodic curated drops continue the Treat of the Week series and bring in some incredible creators who become invaluable to the project’s development. Feedback from creators and users consistently drives decisions on new features within the platform. The team is proud to include devan, Soph, and Maddie Springs, who all found Treat as creators first.

Soph spearheads efforts leading to the Bali Drop, generating awesome professional content from a group of gorgeous models showing off Treat merch and their own assets in an exotic location.

The models in question 🤩

April 12th — Transfer NFTs

August 4th — Resale Marketplace Launches

August 24th — Sweet Shop Opens

Only the essentials 😉

September 7th — Litepaper Release

October 1st — Treat Announces Subscriptions

Getting closer than ever with your favorite content creators 🥰

October 11th — $TREAT v2 a.k.a. $Treat

The new token address is: 0x01bd7acb6ff3b6dd5aefa05cf085f2104f3fc53f make sure you save it so you don’t get confused!

November 1st to 4th — NFT.NYC

November 25th — Farms


Low liquidity has been a consistent concern. The new tokenomics creating LP from a 1% tax and the Melon Farm are increasing the liquidity of the $Treat token. Improved liquidity means improved buying and selling in greater amounts without significant price impact, i.e., not moving the price by 5% with $2,000 purchases.

Winter 2021/2022 — What’s Happening Now

Current Platform Development

Staff Improvements

The Treat development team is also appointing managers from within the staff to oversee Marketing, Platform Development, and Community Management. These paid managers will provide efficiency and stability as the elected voluntary oversight may change quarterly. Managers and all staff are always under the direction of the DAO.

We’re still growing, feel free to reach out 🤓

Marketing Team Developments

One of his main goals is to utilize the community’s networks to partner with experts in branding, marketing & promotions, Instagram account growth strategies, and more. The idea is to develop a more comprehensive marketing and promotional strategy, where we will put out regular updates from the team as well as marketing content, both paid and organic.

The initial test case for promotional content has been a single “How to Buy $Treat” video on YouTube, which has been completed. Getting through this process has proven to be a major catalyst for organizing the operations throughout the DAO, and now that it’s completed, we are in a much better position to roll out more frequent content.

Now that we’ve activated our new Instagram handle @treat.dao, there is a significant opportunity to get new users from IG- whether content creators or dao participants. Our IG is an essential and recently underutilized asset that has an immense capacity for improving our ability to generate inbound leads, conduct outbound marketing, and raise brand awareness in general.

In all things, the goal is to schedule as much content as possible to automate it for a consistent and professional “look” while being relatively pain-free to ship.

Treat of the Month (TOTM)

2022 and Beyond

DAO Communication and Governance

Legal Formation

Platform Development Priorities

Some of the functionality that’s already in the works 🧑‍🔧

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but it does represent some of the near-term priorities. The team doesn’t release ETAs, but there has been a consistent track record of new development releases on a very steady basis.

More specifically:

  • User Profiles
  • Chat
  • Video
  • Tipping in $Treat
  • Sales Reporting
  • Creator Search
  • Additional Subscription Features
  • Use of other currencies/assets
  • Mobile Platform Optimization

are the main priorities for the platform’s development, but we are adaptive to changing conditions and opportunities!

Acquisitions and Strategic Partnerships

All of these projects are being considered 🧐

Major Platform Additions

1. Are Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible

2. Have a very active community of people likely to support our work

3. Provide significant direct assistance with building on their chain

Another area generating some interest is the possibility of expanding Treat into Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. It’s not hard to imagine how some of this content could be fantastic in those forms.

Oh, the possibilities 🥵

Although the timeline for involving AR/VR is uncertain, we can be sure TreatDAO will have a significant presence as we go deeper into the metaverse. A strength of the project is its flexibility as a DAO to course correct and apply resources in the direction decided through consensus.

Thank You for Reading



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