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3 min readMay 12, 2023


Have you ever dreamed of making a lot of money fast, from a combination of: courage, crypto, skill, and luck in sporting event outcomes?
Vincent has lived that dream. This is his story.

March Madness was in full force. We were into the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Basketball Tournaments. Vincent had some plays to make, but his Treat Gaming account was empty. He knew the best way to fund the account was to use $TREAT, so he took $400 and bought some $TREAT tokens which were under 1 cent each at the time.

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He deposited these into his Treat Gaming account getting a full 2 cents each. He had $820 in his account to begin making moves. First double up complete!

Vincent’s strategies usually involve betting underdogs using the money line. This year’s tournament had been full of upsets and he had a couple more key targets. But before the big bets on the NCAA Tournament, he built his bankroll up with a string of winners on the NIT, NBA, NHL and even soccer. Here is the tape:

From here VINCENT777 did take a few losses. Arkansas didn’t get it done for him, The Ducks didn’t pull an upset in the NHL, The Jazz came up short on a big upset, and the Kansas State Wildcats lost as well. So this road did have some bumps. But 3 big wins came in before Vincent decided to cash out. Here are the tickets:

These wins of $5,501, $2,975, and $2,445 took VINCENT777’s account balance to $16,080! From $400 to $16,080 with no parlays. No slot jackpots. And with some losses along the way. His progressively larger sports bets on some winning underdogs allowed him to more than 40x his money in less than a week!

What did VINCENT777 do with the money?

Well, he took some winnings. And he’s smart, so he did it in a smart way. He took $6k in BTC, $6K in $Treat (at a conversion rate of 1 cent) and kept $4,080 on the platform.

At the time of writing, he’s ahead on that remaining stake as well. 🎉

Let’s Go Vincent!!!

“Omg dude this is unreal!!” -VINCENT777