How did Treat come to be?

One late Thursday night, CT influencer Ashtoshii received a message on twitter from a random simp to give him her Cashapp. The simp tells her “You look good so I’m gonna treat you” and sends her 1$. While laughing about it within the Smoltidel, Jebus911 and Ashtoshii decided this would be the perfect moment to create a token on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

A platform for exclusive SFW/NSFW NFTs

Since token distribution, we have been working extremely hard day and night and we are now excited to tell everyone that our platform is complete! Our developers worked in a sprint to make sure the product was live as soon as possible to show a proof of concept to the community. This will allow us to work closely with users and content producers to focus on building additional features that will benefit the community and platform as a whole. As this is a DAO, $TREAT holders will be guiding all future decisions that will be made concerning the platform.


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